Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-xlokE

Proto-Dakota *-xlókA

Lakota woxlókA ‘shoot or punch a hole, by shooting to make a hole’ EB:598 , yaxlókA ‘bite a hole in, to bite open, to gnaw.’ EB:620 , yuxlókA ‘make a hole, using the hand’ EB:638 , waxlókA ‘cut a hole in anything with a knife’ EB:519 , naxlókA ‘make or wear a hole with the foot; as by walking’ EB:345 , apáxlokA ‘pierce or make a hole in, on anything’ EB:88 , wakáxlokA ‘make a hole in’ EB:524


Chiwere wixróge ‘pierce hole in with sth. sharp’ JGT:200


Kanza/Kaw baxlóge ‘pierce, impale, hold w. a fork’ RR , buxlóge ‘pierce by pressing w. a pointed object’ RR , gaxlóge ‘holes, make in an object’ RR , nąxlóge ‘wear a hole in moccasins’ RR , yaxlóge ‘bite a hole in sth.’ RR , yuxlóge ‘pinch, grasp in the claws’ RR

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