verb social_communication



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *i-ho + causative

Proto-Dakota *iyó + causative

Lakota iyówįkhiyA ‘permit, allow’ EB:261a, EJ , iyókhišni ‘forbid’ EB:258b

Dakota iyówįkhiyA ‘permit’ SRR:238a , iyówiŋkiyA

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *ihó

Chiwere iwó- ‘allow, let’ GMsf , ihó- ‘allow, let’ GMsf

Hoocąk hihó, híi ‘ask permission’ KM:867 , hiho hii

Proto-Dhegiha *í-ho

Omaha-Ponca wahu the , †wahoðe ‘permission’ MJS:136

Osage íhuthabi , †íhoðapi ‘From-whom-permission-is-obtained (personal name)’ LF:73a

Quapaw íhode ‘ask, consult’ JOD

General comment

Proto-Dakota *y and Chiwere w are epenthetic following loss of Proto-Mississipi-Valley *h.

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