order > control

verb social


Proto-Siouan *ší


Mandan síʔš ‘he hires, gives orders to’ RH:205

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *ší ~ *ži

Proto-Dakota *-ši

Lakota -ši ‘tell to, command to’ RTC

Stoney -ši ‘command’

Sioux Valley -ši PAS


Chiwere wayį́ ‘command’ GMsf

Hoocąk šíi ‘tell someone to do sth.’ KM:2945 , šii

Proto-Dhegiha *ákaži

Omaha-Ponca ágaži ‘dictate, command, order’ RR

Kanza/Kaw ágažį ‘order’ RR

Osage ágazhi , †ákaži ‘dictate, command, order’ LF:9a

Quapaw ákaži ‘command’ JOD

General comment

If this set is really cognate throughout, it is one of the few in which there is any actual variation between voiced and voiceless fricatives within MVS, cf. ‘price, wages’. These are probably two derivations from a single root.

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