open up

verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *-xotE

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *xutE

Crow axúshi (a-) ‘cut open, slice, cut through’ GG:16 , daxxushí (dak) ‘crush, smash’ RGG:53 , daxxushí (dak) ‘bruised, smashed, squashed’ GG:43 , dúuxshi (du-) ‘open up, pull apart, make gash’ GG:45 , alaxshí (ala) ‘trample, squash with foot’ GG:9 , páaxshi (paa) ‘burst, cause to discharge’ GG:53, RGG:54

Hidatsa araxutE ‘have shoes all worn out; disembowel with feet’ AWJ , náxutE (ra) ‘disembowel by teeth’ AWJ , aráxutE ‘explode’ AWJ , haxútE ‘cut open with knife’ AWJ , naxxútE (rka) ‘break it by dropping, open sth. sealed (e.g. a can)’ AWJ , paxutE ‘bust open sack’ AWJ , núxutE ‘disembowel by hand; open up a package’ AWJ


Mandan paxótoʔš ‘it hatches’ H:322 , ruxótoʔš ‘he unties it’ H:322

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