nephew (1), male’s sister’s son

noun social_kin


Proto-Siouan *i-htų́•-

Pre-Mandan *-tųhą-

Mandan kotųhąka ‘female’s sister’s child’ H:258

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *i-htų́•ška

Proto-Dakota *thųšká

Lakota thųšká ‘nephew male speaker, sister’s son; Oglala also for brother’s son’ RTC , thųšká EJ

Dakota toŋśká , †thųšká ‘nephew, male speaker’ SRR:478


Hoocąk čų́ųšge, hičųšgé ‘grandson, nephew’ [< mother’s brother] KM:833 , cųųšge, hicųšge


Quapaw ittǫ́ška ~ ittą́ška ‘nephew, cousin, son of female’s brother or female’s sister’ JOD

General comment

*i-htų́•- may have been Proto-Siouan, but with a distribution only in Mandan and MVS this is hard to prove. The sibilant present in the MVS forms may well represent an analogical development based on ‘nephew (2), female’s brother’s son’.

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