noun social


Proto-Siouan *yá•še

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *ra•ši

Crow dáaši ‘name’ GG:40

Hidatsa ra•ší ‘name’ AWJ , na•ší


Mandan ráse ‘name’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *yá•že

Proto-Dakota *čhažé

Lakota čhažé ‘name’ RTC

Dakota ćaz´é ‘name’ SRR:97a

Stoney čhažé PAS

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *rá•že

Chiwere rá•ye ‘name’ RR

Hoocąk raaš ‘name’ KM:2530 , raaš

Proto-Dhegiha *žá•že < *i-žá•že:

Omaha-Ponca žá•že ‘name’ RTC , ižáže ‘name’ JEK

Kanza/Kaw žá•že ‘name’ RR

Osage žá•že ‘name’ RR

Quapaw žáže ‘name’ JOD



Biloxi yátcĕ, yatcĕ´, yatcí , †yáče ‘name’ D&S:288b


Catawba yadi ‘name’ RKH

General comment

Evidence for possessive *i- here is weaker than in the case of kin terms and body parts. Semantically it is not uncommon for name to be inalienable. Morphologically, the prefix actually occurs here only in Omaha-Ponca, where it may have been restored. Phonologically, the accented long vowel of the initial syllable suggests that a vowel has been lost to the left. The Catawba form is invitingly similar, but we cannot yet account for the Proto-Siouan : Catawba d correspondence.

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