noun animal_rodent



Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *i•tuha

Crow íisuukaata ‘mouse’ RG

Hidatsa i•tahú ‘mouse’ AWJ


Mandan wį́htik ‘mouse’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *hįthų́ka

Proto-Dakota *hithų́ka

Lakota hithų́kala ‘mouse’ RTC , ithų́kala ‘mouse’ EJ

Dakota hithų́kadą ‘mouse’ SRR:148

Yanktonai hithų́kana ‘mouse’ SRR:148


Chiwere hįdų́ŋe ‘mouse’ GMsf

Hoocąk wiǰukxéte ‘rat’ KM:3723 , wijukxete

Proto-Dhegiha *įčhǫ́ka < *įthǫ́ka

Omaha-Ponca iⁿchúⁿga , †įčhǫ́ga ‘mouse’ MJS:123

Kanza/Kaw ičhǫ́ga ‘mouse’ RR

Osage iⁿchóⁿga , †įčhǫ́ka ‘mouse’ LF:75a

Quapaw †įčhǫ́ka, †įčhąka ‘mouse’ JOD

General comment

If the proto-form had *rh Lakota should have h rather than th. On Crow -suu = Hidatsa tahu, cf. Thunder: Hidatsa shows rightward vowel exchange. All in all, this is not a satisfying set. Many animal names are diffused widely and this may well also have been borrowed and passed from language to language. Many animal terms had the prefix *wi-, but it is unclear whether this was one of them.

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