verb physical_contact



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-krąra

Proto-Dakota *-krą́yA

Lakota kagnáyĄ ‘miss partly while striking’ EJ , pagnáyĄ ‘miss sth. partly trying to rest on sth. and thus fall down e.g. from a chair; miss in pushing’ EJ , wagnáyĄ ‘miss in attempting to strike with a knife’ EJ , wanágnayĄ ‘slip, slide; deceive’ EJ , wognáyĄ ‘miss partly in shooting or striking with end of a stick, i.e. not hitting e.g. an animal well so that it can get away’ EJ , yagnáyĄ ‘miss sth. partly with the mouth in attempting to catch; tell a falsehood’ EJ , yugnáyĄ ‘miss, as in trying to grasp sth.’ EJ , yugnágnayĄ ‘to take a loose hold of; you don’t quite have control over it yet’ EJ

Dakota yuhnáyaŋ , †yuhnáyą ‘miss, as in attempting to grasp’ SRR:624b

Proto-Dhegiha *-krąra

Kanza/Kaw báląya ‘fail cutting, sawing, to miss’ RR , balą́ya ‘miss a thrust with stick, spear’ RR , bóląya ‘make a mistake in shooting, or blowing’ RR , bulą́ya ‘miss while trying to jump upon’ RR , dáląya ‘miss, as sparks’ RR , galą́ya ‘fail to knock down or in chopping’ RR , nąlą́ya ‘miss one’s footing, miss kicking or jumping’ RR , yalą́ya ‘deceive, call names, snap at’ JOD, RR , yulą́ya ‘miss or fumble in trying to grasp’ JOD, RR

Quapaw páknǫda ‘miss cutting sth. elusive’ RR , póknǫda ‘miss in shooting or thrusting’ RR , baknǫ́da ‘miss when thrusting at’ RR , biknǫ́da ‘miss, slip from under’ RR , daknǫ́da ‘snap at and miss’ RR , dikdǫ́da ‘fumble, let slip, fail to hold’ RR , kaknǫ́da ‘fail in hitting at sth.’ RR , nąknǫ́da ‘kick at and be evaded’ RR

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