marked > spotted, striped (2)

verb perceptual_visual


Proto-Siouan *kré•xE

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *kré•xE

Proto-Dakota *kréɣA

Lakota gléɣA ‘spotted’ RTC , -glégA, ka- ‘mark across or make stripes or figures, to make rough’ EB:272 , -glégA, pa- ‘mark off e.g. names on a list’ EB:423

Dakota hdéġa ‘spotted, figured’ SRR:131a

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *kré•ɣe

Chiwere gre•gréɣe ‘spotted’ RR

Hoocąk -kerex ‘tattoo, v.; be tattooed’ [(no gloss in Miner)] KM:1804 , -kerex ‘tattoo, v.’ KM:59 , -kérex, boo- KM:2689 , bookerex , -keréx, ru- , rukerex


Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *kréxi

Biloxi kdĕ´xi, kdĕ´xyi, kŭdĕx, kŭdĕ´xyi , †kdéxi ‘spotted, striped’ D&S:206b

Ofo k’adési , †kadési ‘spotted’ D&S:325b

General comment

Ofo *x > š normally, but occasionally it surfaces as s, cf. ‘chase’, Ofo nŭⁿsĕ. Proto-Siouan normally becomes č in Ofo, while Proto-Siouan *s is Ofo f, so it is doubtful that attested Ofo s and š contrast. Tutelo does not contrast s and š (Oliverio 1996). Ofo k’ also appears in the Ssf, but what it might represent phonologically remains unknown.

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