verb physical_contact


Proto-Siouan *srípE

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *-cipE

Crow chipi, dáa- ‘lick’ RG, GG:40, RGG:25

Hidatsa -cipE, ra- ‘lick’ J , nacipi

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *srípE

Proto-Dakota *srípA

Lakota slípA ‘lick’ RTC , slípa, wa- ‘lick with the tongue’ EB:549

Dakota sdípa ‘lick’ SRR:432b


Hoocąk siríp, ra- ‘lick,’ KM:2564 , rasirip


Omaha-Ponca gisníbe ‘licked his own’

Kanza/Kaw sčǘwe, sčǘbe ‘lick’ RR

General comment

Kanza/Kaw ü, while not regular, represents a common outcome of *i next to a labial consonant. In Crow/Hidatsa loss of r without even so much as lengthening of the vowel is unexplained. *srútE ‘slip’ undergoes similar treatment in Crow/Hidatsa.

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