voice (2), bellow, howl




Proto-Mississipi-Valley *hohtų

Proto-Dakota *hothų́

Lakota hot’óƞ , †hothų́ ‘cry out’ EB:185b

Dakota hotoŋ- , †hothų WM:42b


Chiwere hóthų ‘shout’ GM

Proto-Dhegiha *hóhtą

Kanza/Kaw hóttą ‘howl’ RR

Osage hóṭoⁿ , †hóhtą ‘cry of animals or birds’ LF:67a

Quapaw hóttą ‘cry out, roar’ JOD

General comment

Cf. Dakota hotaƞke ‘Ho-Chunk, Winnebago’, which contrasts ą/ų, so thų would not seem to be related to ‘big’, although it appears to have been reanalyzed as ‘big’ in DH. Unless †htų becomes analyzable, this term may break down historically as either *ho ‘voice’ + htų or as *hoh ‘voice’ + , since ‘voice’, q.v., preserves evidence for a root extension -he in OVS and Hidatsa, and *hC > Ch in Lakota and Chiwere/Hoocąk is a synchronic rule.

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