hole, dig



Proto-Siouan *ho•pi

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *hopí

Crow hupí ‘hole’ RG, GG:49

Hidatsa hopí ‘hole’ J , hóhpi ‘hollow, open’ J , wa•hóhpi ‘rawhide box for berry picking’ J , ma•hóhpi

Pre-Mandan *ho•p-

Mandan hó•pak ‘since it had a hole’ RTC , hó•poʔš ‘it came open’ RTC , wó•ho•p ‘a hole’ RTC



Ofo hûpi , †hupi ‘dig’ D&S:323b

General comment

Attestation is a bit scanty for an authoritative Proto-Siouan reconstruction; the final vowel may be *e, and the u/o correspondence sets, although fairly common are not yet completely understood.

Other languages

  • JEK: Cf. Atakapa hop ‘hole’. Swadesh-19. Chitimacha hapt ‘to bore’ Swadesh-19.
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