hiss (1)




Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-sʔá


Lakota sʔá ‘hiss like a snake’ RTC , sʔá, ka-; kas’a ‘strike and make hiss as a snake; to sail or glide in the air, as birds’ EB:290 , sʔá, na- ‘simmer, make a slight noise, as water before boiling it is also said of a fast horse’ EB:358 , sʔeya, oná- ‘begin to boil, simmer in, as water in a pot.’ EB:396 , sʔa, tatéka- ‘whistle, as the wind’ EB:484 , sʔá, ya- ‘make a ringing or roaring noise in speaking’ EB:627 , šʔayapi, íya- ‘the war-whoop’ EB:252

Proto-Dhegiha *wésʔa

Omaha-Ponca wésʔa ‘snake’ RR

Kanza/Kaw wécʔa ‘snake’ RR

Osage wécʔa ‘snake’ RR

Quapaw wésʔa ~ wesʔá ‘snake’ RR

General comment

Cf. ‘whoop’.

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