hazy, bluish, cloudy

verb perceptual_visual_color


Proto-Siouan *(a)só•tE

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *có•ta

Crow čoosa ‘bleached, faded, pale’ RG, GG:39, RGG:85

Hidatsa có•ta ~ cóʔota ‘gray’ J

Pre-Mandan *šót-

Mandan šótoʔš ‘it’s white’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *sótE

Proto-Dakota *sóta

Lakota sóta ‘hazy, bluish white’ RTC

Sioux Valley sóta PAS

Proto-Dhegiha *sóte

Omaha-Ponca gasúda-baži , †gasóde ‘not clear (of branches)’

Kanza/Kaw sóǰe ‘a light color of broadcloth’ RR



Tutelo asōti , †asó•ti ‘blue’ H , soṭyĕ , †asote ‘blue’ HW

General comment

cf. †šo 0.t, †xo 0.tgray (2)’, ‘gray (1)’. The existing Tutelo forms and the accentual pattern throughout suggest a lost initial syllable. The other two related fricative symbolism forms (with š and x) are more productive, but this is the only grade with an OVS cognate. It seems probable that the other two forms had initial Proto-Siouan *a also.

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