hawthorn, red haw

noun plant



Pre-Mandan *taspak (?)

Mandan tapsák ‘ash tree’ RTC

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *htaspą́ ~ *hti-ó•spą (?)

Proto-Dakota *thaspą́

Lakota thaspą́ ‘red haw, apple’ EB:482b, RTC


Hoocąk čoosą́ ‘thorn apple, hawthorn, haw tree’ , coosą , coosąwą ? , †čoosą́wą

Proto-Dhegiha *htaspą́ (but cf. QU)

Omaha-Ponca taspaⁿ , †ttaspą́ ‘Crataegus sp.’

Kanza/Kaw ttaspą́ ‘red hawthorn’ RR

Osage ṭaçpoⁿ´ , †htaspą́ ‘red haw, thorn apple’ LF:136a

Quapaw ttióspąhi ‘red hawthorn tree’ JOD

General comment

The Hoocąk and Quapaw forms suggest internal structure that so far resists analysis and reconstruction. This may represent developments internal to those languages, but the Hoocąk form could virtually be derived phonologically from the Quapaw, so the two apparently aberrant forms probably share the same underlying morphological structure and should be taken seriously. Cf. ‘ash (tree), Fraxinus’.

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