hard > strong, ripe

verb perceptual_tactile


Proto-Siouan *suta (?)

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *súta

Proto-Dakota *sutá

Lakota sutá ‘hard, strong’ RTC , -súta, na- ‘trample hard’ EB:358 , -súta, pa- ‘make stiff and hard by kneading, as dough’ EB:434 , -súta, wo- ‘make hard by punching or ramming; to make hard by raining on’ EB:608 , -súta, ya- ‘make firm with the mouth, to establish’ EB:627 , -súta, yu- ‘make firm’ EB:650

Dakota sutá ‘hard, strong’ SRR:439b

Stoney suda ~ ðuda PAS

Proto-Dhegiha *súta

Kanza/Kaw wasǘda ‘hard, firm, as corn’ RR

Osage çída , †sǘta ‘ripe corn’ LF:30a



Tutelo soti , †soti ‘strong’ H

General comment

The Tutelo form may not be cognate: both vowels fail to correspond to those seen elsewhere. Vowel length is indeterminate here since none of the languages that preserve it faithfully is represented.

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