hard (2)

verb perceptual_tactile


Proto-Siouan *suki

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa *cVcukE

Crow čičúči ‘hard’ RG, GG:36, RGG:95

Hidatsa cacúkE ‘hard’ J , cacúki ‘hard’ J , có•ki



Biloxi susukí , †susukí ‘stiff’ D&S:259a

General comment

In both Hidatsa nominal prefixes aku- ‘relativizer, agentive’ and aru- ‘partitive’ the following reduction applies: aC1uC1 -> o•C1.

Perhaps analogically, the same rule seems to relate cacuki and cooki. We cannot determine from the cognates available whether the final V was -i or -E.

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