hand (2)

noun physical_somatic_body_part


Proto-Siouan *ų́•ke (?)

Pre-Mandan *ųkE

Mandan ų́k, ųké ‘hand’ RTC



Tutelo hāg; hāgi, āk , †(h)a•k ‘hand’ N, HH

General comment

Although the vowels fail to match (perhaps the fault of the quality of our Tutelo data or by contamination from *-šá•ke in that language), this is an interesting set. Given the inherent problems with the Tutelo sources, one should probably reconstruct the Mandan vocalism if anything at all.

Other languages

  • CA iksa ‘hand’ KS
  • DSR *iks- ‘hand’ (Caddoan).
  • Tunica ʔúhkeni ‘his hand’ Haas, 293.
Language Cognate Phonetic Siouan Meaning Comment Sources