vermin (5)

noun animal_insect


Proto-Siouan *wakrí•

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *wakrí

Proto-Dakota *wakrú-

Lakota waglúla ‘worms, maggots’ RTC

Dakota wamdúdą ‘maggots’ SRR

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *wakrí

Chiwere waglí ‘insect, worm ?’ GM

Hoocąk wikirí ‘insect, worm’ KM:3725 , wikiri; wakiri


Quapaw wakdí ‘worm, maggot’ RR


Proto-Biloxi-Ofo *a•kri

Biloxi akidí, akĭdi , †akidi ‘insects’ D&S:171a

Ofo ā´kti , †á•kti ‘bug, insect’ D&S:320a, JSS

General comment

The root vowel in Dakotan is irregular, as is the k > p in the Riggs form (but cf. ‘vermin (2)’ for a similar change). The final syllable in Dakotan is the diminutive. This set, like several of the ‘vermin’ sets, contains several minor irregularities that call the reconstruction somewhat into question.

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