noun natural_force_weather


Proto-Siouan *-Wá•su

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *Wá•su

Proto-Dakota *wasú

Lakota wasú ‘hail’ RTC

Dakota wasú ‘hail’ SRR:535b


Chiwere ba•θú ‘hail’ RR

Proto-Dhegiha *Wásü

Omaha-Ponca ma´çi , †mási MAS:91

Kanza/Kaw bósü RR

Osage báçi , †pásü ‘hailstones’ LF:19a

Quapaw pási RR


Catawba wasa- ‘hail’ ASG, KS

General comment

If the term is a compound made up of ‘snow (1)’ and ‘kernel, seed’, then the initial *W is explained. It stems from the earlier sequence, secondary *ww, that we find in ‘snow (1)’. The long syllable here is the originally accented one and the Chiwere and Lakota forms have moved accent to conform with their predominant pattern, i.e., we have reconstructed the exceptional rather than the productive pattern from among the cognates on the assumption that the term does incorporate ‘snow (1)’.

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