good (2)

verb evaluative


Proto-Siouan *Sté

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *Sté

Proto-Dakota wašte

Lakota wašté ‘good’ RTC , waštélaka ‘love’ RTC

Proto-Dhegiha *xtá-re

Omaha-Ponca xjákithe , †xǰá- ‘love’ MAS:115

Kanza/Kaw xtáye ‘love’ RR

Osage xtáthe , †xtáðe ‘love’ LF:219b

Quapaw xtadé ‘love’ JOD



Tutelo yandostéka , †sté- ‘love’ H

General comment

Lakotalove’ < ‘good’ + -laka ‘consider, regard’. Tutelolove’ < yątiheart’ + ostéka ‘good’ (1Act yandowastéka). The putative DH cognates, although they fit semantically, show á where they ought to have é. These could be frozen ablauted vowels, but the expected forms with é are missing entirely from DH in this instance, so only the Dakota and Tutelo forms are reliably cognate here.

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