general deictic (2)

particle n/a


Proto-Siouan *o•


Hidatsa ó•- in: ó•ka• ‘there (distant)’ J , ó•- in: ó•ka•ru ‘there’ J , o•- in: o•khíru ‘beyond, on that side’ J


Mandan óta ‘facing’ H:128



Lakota o- in: ogná ‘in the direction of’ EB:371b , o- in: otóhąyą ‘for a short time or distance’ EB:409 , o- in: otóiyohi ‘each one, every one’ EB:409 , o- in: hecíyotą ‘in that direction’ EB:170 , o- in: iyóhi ‘each, every one’ EB:256


Chiwere -ó- ‘for a while; a while ago’ JGT:1141 , -ó- in: go^ó ‘soon; immediately; in the near future’ JGT:1142 , -ó- ‘recently (within a year)’ JGT:1143 , -ó- in: go^óch^i ‘a very short while ago’ JGT:1144 , -ó- , -ó- in: go^ógi , -ó- , -ó- in: go^ówéxa


Catawba ó- ‘himself; he, she, it, they alone’ KS:125 , ó- in: ómä ‘that one, those ones, he, she, they (refers to persons and other animate objects)’ KS:125 , ó- ‘that one, those ones, he, she, they’ KS:125 , ó- in: ówa ‘that one, those ones, he, she, they’ KS:125 , ó- ‘he’ KS:125 , ó- in: ó-a ‘he’ KS:125 , ú- ‘he’ KS:125 , ú- in: úwa , o- , o- in: otα´’ , a- , a- in: atα´’ , ó- , ó- in: ókα

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