focus marker

particle n/a


Proto-Siouan *ri


Hidatsa -ri in: héʔeri ‘that one’ J , -rí in: hirí ‘this; subject marker; now’ J , -rí- in: hiríhka ‘this size’ J , -ri- in: hirihtá ‘this way’ H&V , -ri in: kúari ‘that one (emphatic)’ J , -ri in: šeʔeri ‘that one, subject marker’ J , -ri- in: tó•rickha• ‘in every direction’ J



Biloxi †didĭ ‘when’ D&S:183b , -di in: édi in: taⁿ édi káwak yátcĕ , †-di ‘what is the town’s name (Banks)’ D&S:186b , -di in: eḳédi , †-di ‘that is why’ D&S:206a , -dí in: tcĭdíkikĕ´di , †-dí ‘why?’ D&S:263b , -di in: héunédi , †-di ‘that one’ D&S:196a

General comment

Note that Biloxi collapses final *i and *e, so these may or may not be cognate with the Hidatsa entries.

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