fly (insect)

noun animal_insect




Proto-Dhegiha *hą́tʔeka (?)

Omaha-Ponca hą́tʔega RR , hoⁿ´t’ega MAS

Kanza/Kaw hą́ččega RR

Osage hoⁿṭsega , †hą́hceka ‘common house fly’ LF:66b

Quapaw hą́tʔeka, hǫ́tʔeka ‘blow fly’ RR, JOD , hǫ́tteka ttą́ka JOD

General comment

Cf. Shawnee hoče ‘fly’ (Voegelin, 1937-40 p.445) and N.B. Shawnee #h-. This makes a Shawnee-like Algonquian dialect, with its prothetic h-, perhaps the most likely source language for this DH term. DH splits on glottalization, with Quapaw having doublets, signaling that this is probably not an inherited term even within DH.

Other languages

  • PA *o•čye•wa ‘fly’ (Aubin)
  • Shawnee: hoče ‘fly’ Voegelin, 1937-40 p.445
  • Miami: očia (aki pl) ‘maggot, fly’ Voegelin, 1937-40, p.445. očisa ‘gnat’ (diminutive) Voegelin, 1937-40, p.445
  • Kickapoo: oocea 12-05-89 fly’ Voorhis-92
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