field (1)

noun physical_spatial_area



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *o-e


Chiwere uwé ‘field, rows of plants’ JDH

Hoocąk horé ‘place’ [ho + ree 'where one goes to'] , hore

Proto-Dhegiha *ówe

Omaha-Ponca úwe~ uwé , †ówe ‘field, cornfield’ MAS:47

Osage úwe , †ówe ‘field’ LF:181a

Quapaw ówe ‘corn, (corn)field’ JOD

General comment

This reconstruction is probably incorrect as a V1V2 root would be highly irregular. It was more likely either *owe or *oʔe. Only the Hoocąk form prevents reconstruction of medial w, and Chiwere does not confirm the Hoocąk glide.

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