fat, stout

verb perceptual


Proto-Siouan *yépE

Proto-Crow-Hidatsa irípE

Crow ilápi ‘fat’ RG, GG:87, RGG:96

Hidatsa irípE ‘be fat, stout’ J , irípi


Mandan répoʔš ‘he’s fat’ RTC


Proto-Dakota *čhépa

Lakota čhépa ‘be fat’ RTC

Dakota ćépa , †čhépa ‘be fat’ SRR:99a

General comment

The Crow/Hidatsa initial vowel is not explained; nor is the vowel difference under accent. If initial *i- signaled, for example, stative status a Proto-Siouan stem-initial *r would become Dakotan čh. If this is the case Proto-Siouan may have had *r instead of *y.

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