daughter, youngest

noun social_kin




Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *hák-si•ka

Chiwere háʔθiga ‘youngest daughter’ GM

Hoocąk haksíiga ‘third daughter’ KM:619 , haksiiga

Proto-Dhegiha *así

Omaha-Ponca así ‘third daughter’

Kanza/Kaw así, asíhiŋa

Osage asížį́ka, açíⁿga , †asį́ka ‘fourth daughter’ LF:249a

General comment

This may be a compound of *hak- ‘youngest child’ and *sí or *sįkV ‘sister’s daughter’ or *sikVthird daughter’.

Loss of initial h- in DH is unexpected, but DH s is the usual reflex of *ks. The MVS languages, in particular DH, seem to innovate the numbered daughter birth names, and that system seems to diffuse northward across DH and into Chiwere/Hoocąk from there. The prototype for this term (not reconstruction) would be something like †hak-sí•-(ka)third daughter’ with an added -yįka ‘dimin.’ with ‘youngest daughter’.

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