cut strips (1)

verb physical_contact_deformation



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *só


Lakota ‘cut into strings’ [redup] EB:458a , sóso ‘cut many strings’ EJ , só, wa- ‘cut a strip or string, as from a hide’ EB:550a , sóso, wa- ‘cut into strips or strings’ EB:550a , só, yu- ‘cut in strings or strips e.g. a hide’ EB:650b , soso, wó- ‘meat cut in strips or strings’ EB:608b

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *só

Chiwere θó ‘cut into strips’ JGT:127

Hoocąk so, -gi- ‘cut off strips of leather’ KM:398, WL:48.3 , -giso

Proto-Dhegiha *só

Kanza/Kaw íso ‘cut in strips’ RR , so ‘cut thong’ RR

Osage çu , †so ‘cut or slit a hide’ LF:32b

Quapaw so ‘cut lengthwise’ JOD

General comment

Restricted to MVS, but cf. ‘cut strips (2)

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