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verb physical_contact_deformation



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *ru-káwa

Proto-Dakota *kawá

Lakota kawá ‘open, as a flower’ EB:295a , -káwa, ka- ‘make open by striking, i.e. to strike something off and thus open it partly e.g. a tin can’ EB:279b , -káwa, na- ‘spring open; also, to shrink, as a door and so does not stay closed; to kick open; open, as a flower’ EB:347b, EJ , -káwa, pa- ‘make a split, split’ EB:428a , -káwa, ya- ‘open or push back anything with the mouth’ EB:622a , -káwa, yu- ‘open e.g. a wound, a sore, or somebody’s mouth; implying effort being made in so opening; e.g. looking into a horse’s mouth’ EB:641b, EJ

Dakota yukawa ‘open’ WM:121a


Kanza/Kaw -gáwa, bü- ‘open sth., cause to spread outfrom pressure’ [yü-, -gáwe] JOD, RR , -gáwa, yü-, -gáwe ‘pull open a bundle, box, open sth. up.’ JOD, SRR, RR

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