cut (3)

verb physical_contact_deformation

Proto-Siouan-Catawba *kąʔ

Proto-Siouan *-ką́

Proto-Mississipi-Valley *-ką́

Proto-Dakota *-ką́

Lakota -ką́, wo- ‘punch or shoot off’ EB:601b , -ką́, na- ‘thresh out e.g. corn etc. with the feet by treading’ EB:347a , -ką́, ka- ‘hew, as a log; to adze; to knock off, as fruit from a tree’ EB:279b , -ką́, ka- ‘make marks, notches into something hard’ EB:279b , -ką́, pa- ‘rub off dirt, rub clean e.g. a dirty window’ EB:428a

Dakota †kaką́ ‘hew (log), adze, knock off (fruit)’ SRR:255a

Proto-Dhegiha *-ką́

Kanza/Kaw -gą, bá- ‘whittle, cut wood lengthwise’ RR , wégagą ‘sword’ JOD

Quapaw -ką́, di- ‘hissing or cutting sound’ RR


Catawba kąʔ MS, KS

General comment

Assuming cognacy of the Catawba root, a Proto-Siouan form is, of course, presumed. It is not reconstructible internally within Siouan however, since it is represented only in MVS.

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