creak, squeak

verb perceptual_auditory



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *kį́ZE

Proto-Dakota *kį́za

Lakota kízA, ka- ‘make creak by rubbing, as two trees do that rub against each other, or as door hinges that are not well oiled’ EB:280b, EJ , kízA, na- ‘make one’s shoes or so creak’ EB:349b, EJ , kízA, pa- ‘make creak by rubbing’ EB:428b , kízA, wa- ‘violin’ EJ , kízA, ya- ‘make a scraping, squeaking noise with a knife or saw’ EB:532b, EJ , kízA, yu- ‘make a grating or creaking noise with the teeth, to gnash’ EB:622b, EJ

Dakota kíŋza , †kį́za ‘creak’ WM:41b


Chiwere gį́xe ‘creak; tree spirit’ JGT:239

Hoocąk gį́š, gi- ‘be squeaky, like shoes’ KM:332 , gigįš ‘make crunching or squeaking noise when walking’ KM:2144 , gį́š, nąą- , nąągįš

General comment

Quapaw bakį́tte ‘play the violin, fiddle’ shares the same root, *kį́, with this set but has a different root extension.

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