corn (1)

noun plant




Proto-Dakota *wakwų́ ~ *wakwą́

Lakota wagméza ‘corn’ [< wagmų́ héza] EJ , wagmíza, maɣá

Dakota wamnáheza SRR:515b


Hoocąk wičąwás > wičą́ąs KM:3632 , wicąwąs ~ wicąąs

General comment

Cf. other corn terms for commentary on the diffusion and naming of ‘corn’. JEK has shown that this is in all likelihood derived from one of the cucurbit terms with origins in Algonquian. What we have reconstructed as Proto-Dakota here is more likely a borrowing archetype, not actually a Proto-Dakotan form.

The actually occurring forms for ‘gourd > squash’, q.v., may have originated in several different Algonquian dialects, where the reconstructible PA form is *e•mehkwa•ni. Compare also Kickapoo eemehkwaani ‘spoon’ (Voorhis 1988), Menomini ɛ•mɛhkwan ‘squash, melon, seed’ (Goddard p.c.). Note that *kw, Dakotan gm, mn, Chiwere/Hoocąk dw, čw is not a native cluster in Siouan. These terms virtually have to be loanwords, and Algonquian provides an attractive source.

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