copulate (3)

verb physical_contact



Proto-Mississipi-Valley *hki-rúxE

Proto-Dakota *khiyúxa

Lakota khiyúxa ‘copulate as animals’ EB:313a

Dakota *khiyúxa ‘copulate’ WM:39b , kiyuḣa

Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *khíruxe

Chiwere kíruxe , †khíruxe ‘breed’ JGT:40

Hoocąk kirúxe ‘mating’ KM:3353 , kiruxe

Proto-Dhegiha *hkirǘxe

Omaha-Ponca kithixa , †kkiðíxa ‘mate’ F&LF:111

Kanza/Kaw yüxé ‘mate’ RR

Osage ḳithixa , †hkiðǘxa ‘mating of birds’ LF:88a

General comment

Cf. ‘chase’. The form with meaning ‘copulate’ is derived with a reciprocal prefix.

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