verb physical_contact_manipulation


Proto-Siouan *-xwé


Proto-Hoocąk-Chiwere *-xwé

Chiwere gixwé, graxwé ‘comb or brush one’s own hair’ LWR:47 , xwa, gi- ‘comb hair of someone besides oneself’ LWR:8 , xwa, gra- ‘comb hair of one’s own child’ LWR:8 , xwe, gra- LWR:8

Hoocąk higixéwek, higixéek ‘comb,; comb, n.’ KM:854 , higixewek, higixeek

Proto-Dhegiha *-phé

Omaha-Ponca mikkáhe ‘comb’ JOD , gahé ‘comb, verb’

Kanza/Kaw nikkáphe ‘comb’ RR , gaphé ‘comb’ RR

Osage miḳápshe , †mihkáphe ‘hairbrush grass’

Quapaw kaphé ‘comb’ JOD

General comment

One source of DH aspiration is partly cleared up here: *xw > DH ph.

The k of a possible Ofo cognate, ókwa (DS-327b), is irregular and the form is doubtfully related.

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