Words in Chiwere for lemma comb

gixwé, graxwé

Meaning comb or brush one’s own hair
Original entry gixwé, graxwé LWR-47
Sources LWR: 47

xwa, gi-

Meaning comb hair of someone besides oneself
Original entry xwa, gi- ‘comb or brush one’s own hair’. LWR-8
Sources LWR: 8

xwa, gra-

Meaning comb hair of one’s own child
Original entry xwa, gra- ‘comb hair of someone besides oneself’. LWR-8
Sources LWR: 8

xwe, gra-

Meaning [comb]
Original entry xwe, gra- ‘comb hair of one’s own child’. LWR-8
Sources LWR: 8