Words in Crow for lemma break cord > break long things


Meaning puncture
Comment noun
Original entry páttači ‘puncture’ (noun) DEC-54
Sources RGG: 54

-ttači, alá-

Meaning be cold
Original entry -ttači, alá- ‘be cold’ RG, GG-8 DEC
Sources RG

-ttači, dá-

Meaning break with mouth; brk. off by biting
Original entry -ttači, dá- ‘break with mouth; brk. off by biting’ DEC-26, GG-43
Sources RGG: 26; GG: 43

-ttači, dú-

Meaning break apart
Original entry -ttači, dú- ‘break apart’ RG, GG-45
Sources RG; GG: 45

-ttačí, ala-

Meaning break with foot
Original entry -ttačí, ala- ‘break with foot’ RG, GG-8
Sources RG; GG: 8

-ttachi, óo-

Meaning break by shooting, by projectile
Original entry -ttachi, óo- ‘break by shooting, by projectile’ RG
Sources RG