Words in Crow for lemma squeeze (5)

hchichí, ala-

Meaning crush with foot
Original entry hchichí, ala- ‘crush with foot’ GG-7 (?)
Sources GG: 7

hchichi, dá-

Meaning crush with teeth
Original entry hchichi, dá- ‘crush with teeth’ GG-41 (?)
Sources GG: 41

hchichí, da-

Meaning smash (?)
Original entry hchichí, da- ‘smash’ (?)
Sources GG: 53

hchichi, pá-

Meaning defeat completely
Original entry hchichi, pá- ‘defeat completely’ GG-53 (?)

chichi, páa-

Meaning put pressure on, overpower
Original entry chichi, páa- ‘put pressure on, overpower’ GG-53 RG (?)
Sources GG: 11; RGG: 52

hchichi, áp-

Meaning touch with something harmful
Original entry hchichi, áp- ‘touch with something harmful’ GG-11, DEC-52 (?)