Words in Crow for lemma open up

axúshi (a-)

Meaning cut open, slice, cut through
Original entry axúshi (a-) ‘cut open, slice, cut through’ GG:16
Sources GG: 16

daxxushí (dak)

Meaning crush, smash
Original entry daxxushí (dak) ‘crush, smash’ DEC:53
Sources RGG: 53

daxxushí (dak)

Meaning bruised, smashed, squashed
Original entry daxxushí (dak) ‘bruised, smashed, squashed’ GG:43
Sources GG: 43

dúuxshi (du-)

Meaning open up, pull apart, make gash
Original entry dúuxshi (du-) ‘open up, pull apart, make gash’ GG:45
Sources GG: 45

alaxshí (ala)

Meaning trample, squash with foot
Original entry alaxshí (ala) ‘trample, squash with foot’ GG:9
Sources GG: 9

páaxshi (paa)

Meaning burst, cause to discharge
Original entry páaxshi (paa) ‘burst, cause to discharge’ GG:53; DEC:54
Sources GG: 53; RGG: 54