Words in Crow for lemma make hole

koopí, ala

Meaning break through with foot
Comment DEC-54
Original entry koopí, ala ‘break through with foot’ RG, DEC-52
Sources RG; RGG: 52

koopi, dáa-

Meaning break through with teeth
Original entry koopi, dáa- ‘break through with teeth’ RG, DEC-53
Sources RG; RGG: 53

koopí, dak-

Meaning poke a hole
Original entry koopí, dak- ‘poke a hole’ RG, GG-41
Sources RG; GG: 41

koopi, dúu-

Meaning pierce
Original entry koopi, dúu- ‘pierce’ RG, GG-45
Sources RG; GG: 45

koopi, páa-

Meaning punch a hole in
Original entry koopi, páa- ‘punch a hole in’ (DEC-54)