Words in Hidatsa for lemma turn over (4)


Meaning lie, fall
Comment rka
Original entry xxúa “xúa” ‘lie, fall’ J
Sources J


Meaning knock down with fist
Comment < |xua| fall down
Original entry xxúa, na- ‘knock down with fist’ (rka) J
Sources J

xxúa, na-

Meaning run over, kick over
Comment ra
Original entry xxua, ara- ‘run over, kick over’ < xua ‘fall down’ J
Sources J

xxua, ara-

Meaning throw down by teeth
Original entry xxua, ná- ‘throw down by teeth’ (ra) J
Sources J

xxua, ná-

Meaning throw down, pull down
Original entry xxua, nú- ‘throw down, pull down’ J
Sources J

xxua, nú-

Meaning push down, push over
Original entry xxua, pá- ‘push down, push over’ J
Sources J

xxua, pá-

Meaning [turn over (4)]