Words in Hidatsa for lemma that (2) > demonstrative, reference marker, relative


Meaning that one
Comment X + c ‘clause final’
Original entry kuh ‘that one’ J
Sources J


Meaning it’s that one
Comment ní•ku•há ‘by yourself’
Original entry kuac ‘it’s that one’ J X + c ‘clause final’
Sources J

kua- {in} kúari

Meaning that one (emphatic)
Original entry kua- {in} kúari ‘that one (emphatic)’ J
Sources J

-ku {in} aku(-)

Meaning relativizing prefix; agentive
Original entry -ku in aku(-) ‘relativizing prefix; agentive’ J
Sources J

-ku•há {in} mí•ku•há

Meaning (I did it) by myself
Original entry -ku•há {in} mí•ku•há ‘(I did it) by myself’ J ní•ku•há ‘by yourself’
Sources J