Words in Hidatsa for lemma locative (4)


Meaning verbal subordinator, when
Comment aru- verbal prefix
Original entry -ru(k) ‘verbal subordinator, when’ J
Sources J

-ru {in} aru-

Meaning at that time
Original entry -ru {in} aru- verbal prefix ‘at that time’ J
Sources J

-ru- {in} haruk

Meaning then, when
Original entry -ru- {in} haruk ‘then, when’ J
Sources J

-ru- {in} hi•ruk

Meaning when, by the time
Original entry -ru- {in} hi•ruk ‘when, by the time’ J
Sources J

-ru {in} íaru

Meaning over there
Original entry -ru {in} íaru ‘over there’ J
Sources J

-rú {in} kuarú

Meaning over there
Original entry -rú {in} kuarú ‘over there’ H&V
Sources H&V

-ru {in} ó•ka•ru

Meaning there
Original entry -ru {in} ó•ka•ru ‘there’ J
Sources J

-ru {in} šeʔeru

Meaning then, there
Original entry -ru {in} šeʔeru ‘then, there’ J
Sources J