Words in Hidatsa for lemma interrogative (1)


Meaning which?, where?
Comment ʔ question marker
Original entry to• ‘which?, where?’ J
Sources J

to•- {in} to•ʔ

Meaning where is it?
Original entry to•- {in} to•ʔ ‘where is it?’ J ʔ ‘ques. marker’
Sources J

-to• {in} akuto•; aku

Meaning which one?, relativizer
Original entry -to• {in} akuto• ‘which one?’ J aku ‘relativizer’
Sources J

tó- {in} tóhka

Meaning where?
Original entry tó- {in} tóhka ‘where?’ J
Sources J

to•- {in} to•hka•ruš

Meaning anyplace
Original entry to•- {in} to•hka•ruš ‘anyplace’ J
Sources J

tó- {in} tóhta•

Meaning whither?
Original entry tó- {in} tóhta• ‘whither?’ J
Sources J

to•- {in} to•ru

Meaning where?
Original entry to•- {in} to•ru ‘where?’ J
Sources J

to•- {in} to•ruha•

Meaning which way, wherever
Original entry to•- {in} to•ruha• ‘which way, wherever’ J
Sources J

to•- {in} tó•šaʔ

Meaning how is it/he/she ?
Original entry to•- {in} tó•šaʔ ‘how is it (,he, she)?’ J
Sources J

tó•- {in} tó•šaruš

Meaning later
Original entry tó•- {in} tó•šaruš ‘later’ J
Sources J

to•- {in} to•šeʔe

Meaning what’s the matter, what did he do?
Original entry to•- {in} to•šeʔe ‘what’s the matter, what did he do?’ J
Sources J

to•- {in} to•še•wa

Meaning why is it
Original entry to•- {in} to•še•wa ‘why is it’ J
Sources J

-to•- {in} héʔešato•k

Meaning perhaps, maybe
Original entry -to•- {in} héʔešato•k ‘perhaps, maybe’ J
Sources J

-to•- {in} ta•pato•k

Meaning what could it be?
Original entry -to•- {in} ta•pato•k ‘what could it be?’ J
Sources J