Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma towards (1)

-tta {in} étta

Meaning there, towards that place (?)
Original entry -tta {in} étta (MR) ‘there, towards that place (?)’ RR
Sources MR; RR

-tta- {in} éttaha

Meaning there, over there, thither
Original entry -tta- {in} éttaha (MR) ‘there, over there, thither’ RR
Sources MR; RR

-tta {in} hašítta

Meaning behind, in the rear
Original entry -tta {in} hašítta ‘behind, in the rear’ RR
Sources RR

-tta {in} gáyįgetta

Meaning over there, to that place
Original entry -tta {in} gáyįgetta ‘over there, to that place’ RR
Sources RR

-tta- {in} gójettaha

Meaning far off, remote in time or space
Original entry -tta- {in} gójettaha (JOD) ‘far off, remote in time or space’ RR
Sources JOD; RR