Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma tie (1)


Meaning tie a knot
Original entry gašké ‘tie a knot’
Sources RR


Meaning untie
Original entry yüšké ‘untie’ RR
Sources RR

ške, bó-

Meaning untie by punching, shooting
Original entry ške, bó- ‘untie by punching, shooting’ RR
Sources JOD; RR

šké, bü-

Meaning untied, cause to come undone from weight
Original entry šké, bü- (JOD) ‘untied, cause to come undone from weight’ RR
Sources RR

šké, ya-

Meaning untie, undo with the teeth
Original entry šké, ya- ‘untie, undo with the teeth’ RR
Sources RR

šké, yü-

Meaning untie something
Original entry šké, yü- ‘untie something’ RR