Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma swell (2)


Meaning pop
Original entry dáphokke ‘pop’ RR
Sources RR

phokke, bó-

Meaning smacking sound
Original entry phokke, bó- ‘smacking sound’ RR
Sources RR

phókke, bü-

Meaning make a popping sound from bursting
Original entry phókke, bü- ‘make a popping sound from bursting’ RR
Sources RR

phókki, ba-

Meaning pop, give off a popping noise (also causative)
Original entry phókki, ba- ‘pop, give off a popping noise (also causative)’ RR
Sources RR

phókki, ga-

Meaning popping sound made when hitting
Original entry phókki, ga- ‘popping sound made when hitting’ RR
Sources RR

phophokke, dá-

Meaning popcorn, be continually popping
Original entry phophokke, dá- ‘popcorn, be continually popping’ RR
Sources RR