Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma quantifier (1)

-ną {in} háną

Meaning how many, how much?
Comment yéną, yénǫ
Original entry -ną {in} háną ‘how many, how much?’ RR
Sources RR

-ną {in} gašéną

Meaning enough, that is enough
Original entry -ną {in} gašéną ‘enough, that is enough’ RR
Sources RR

-na {in} góze éna

Meaning equal, even in number or quantity, even nr.
Original entry -na {in} góze éna (JOD) ‘equal, even in number or quantity, even nr.’ RR
Sources JOD; RR

-ną {in} šégoną, šégonǫha

Meaning enough, just that number
Original entry -ną {in} šégoną, šégonǫha (MR) ‘enough, just that number’ RR
Sources MR; RR

-ną {in} yéną

Meaning this many, this much, this number
Original entry -ną {in} yéną (MR), yénǫ (JOD) ‘this many, this much, this number’ RR
Sources MR; JOD; RR