Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma locative (7)

-ǰí {in} eǰí

Meaning there, in that place
Comment éǰi RR
Original entry -ǰí {in} eǰí (MR, éǰi ‘there, in that place’ RR
Sources MR; RR

-ǰí- {in} eǰíkhą

Meaning there, from, thither, from that place
Original entry -ǰí- {in} eǰíkhą ‘there, from, thither, from that place’ RR
Sources RR

-ǰí {in} gaǰį́, gaǰí

Meaning across
Original entry -ǰí {in} gaǰį́, gaǰí ‘across’ RR
Sources RR

-ǰi {in} géǰi, ge eǰi

Meaning towards the sc/in objs, or the place or land
Original entry -ǰi {in} géǰi, ge eǰi ‘towards the sc/in objs, or the place or land’ RR
Sources RR

-ǰi {in} gagóǰi

Meaning now, just now
Original entry -ǰi {in} gagóǰi ‘now, just now’ RR
Sources RR

-ǰí- {in} goǰí, go:ǰí

Meaning far off, remote, long way off
Original entry -ǰí- {in} goǰí, go:ǰí (MR) ‘far off, remote, long way off’ RR
Sources MR; RR

-ǰi {in} yegóǰi, yegó:ǰi

Meaning now, at this time or place
Original entry -ǰi {in} yegóǰi, yegó:ǰi ‘now, at this time or place’ RR
Sources RR

-ǰi {in} yeyóǰi, yéyoǰi

Meaning somewhere, not far off
Original entry -ǰi {in} yeyóǰi, yéyoǰi ‘somewhere, not far off’ RR
Sources RR