Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma groove


Meaning cut or saw a groove around sth.
Original entry báskida ‘cut or saw a groove around sth.’ RR
Sources RR


Meaning plane a groove around a surface.
Original entry baskída ‘plane a groove around a surface’. RR
Sources RR


Meaning groove, to press around edge
Original entry büskída (JOD) ‘groove, to press around edge’ RR
Sources JOD; RR


Meaning notch, cut a notch in sth.
Original entry gaskída ‘notch, cut a notch in sth.’ RR
Sources RR


Meaning bind tightly, e.g. splints, machine grooves
Original entry nąskída (JOD) ‘bind tightly, e.g. splints, machine grooves’ RR
Sources JOD; RR


Meaning mark, make a mark with the hands.
Original entry yüskída ‘mark, make a mark with the hands’. RR
Sources RR