Words in Kanza/Kaw for lemma die


Meaning die
Original entry čʔé ‘die’ RR
Sources RR


Meaning numb, dead from sitting on, as a limb
Original entry bücʔé (JOD) ‘numb, dead from sitting on, as a limb’ RR
Sources JOD; RR

gacʔé kill,

Meaning strike down, to stun
Original entry gacʔé kill, ‘strike down, to stun’ RR
Sources RR


Meaning kill by rooting up
Original entry bacʔéya (MR) ‘kill by rooting up’ RR
Sources MR; RR


Meaning trample to death
Original entry nącʔéye (MR) ‘trample to death’ RR
Sources MR; RR